Security and Protective Training Services

  • Armed Robbery Program
  • Crisis Management
  • Cash Handling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Security Practices
  • Investigative Competencies

Corporate Protection Services can formulate various level scenario training for your organisation designed to test and rehearse the Crisis Management Plan (CMP) as well as the Crisis Management Team (CMT).

Any flaws discovered within the CMP (out of date, check-list, relevance etc) or the CMT (composition or performance) in the rehearsal stage can then be addressed and rectified in preparation of dealing with real crises.

Other training services include:

  • Armed Robbery Survival Skills
  • Executive Protection Training
  • Armed Vehicle Operators Training

    -     Site Risk Assessment
    -     Counter-Surveilance
    -     Four-man Operations
    -     Night Operations
  • Drug Awareness in the Workplace
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Malpractice and Fraud in the Workplace
  • Factual Investigation and Procedures

Corporate Security Risk Consulting
Litigation Support Services
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