Professional Security Consulting Services

  • GAP Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Management
  • Policy and Procedure Review

Many corporations no longer employ dedicated security and investigative personnel. It is however, still critically important to have access to appropriate, timely and accurate security advice. Our corporate security management team gives corporations the opportunity of cost effective, efficient and responsive security professionals.

Our practitioners provide consulting services of the highest standard to protect and enhance the bottom line profit of an organisation.

Our expertise in security consulting has many applications to business operations. Many of our contracts include complete outsourcing of corporate security management.

Most crises faces by corporations today are predictable. It is only the timing of the potential crisis that remains unknown. We have worked with many different organisation's in preparation and rehearsal of their crisis management plans. In the event of a criminal incident related crisis, it is essential that the corporation's perspective and performance is integrated with law enforcement operations.

Reciprocal communication with the Crisis Management Team (CMT) and a detailed understanding of law enforcement policy and investigation techniques can give the CMT the edge in making correct, timely and accurate decisions or advising.

We have vast practical experience in the management and investigation of extortion, product contamination and other criminal enterprises. Our knowledge of the criminal modus operandi, the investigative process and critical points of contact can equip an organisation to manage their response time more effectively and efficiently.

CPS through their 24 hour call Centre provide the opportunity for your organisation to have around the clock access to appropriate professionals in response to any crisis.

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