'The Witness Robbery Safety & Security Program'

At one time or another, any one of us could come face to face with danger. 'The Witness' program provides the best opportunity to enhance personal safety, deter criminal conduct in the workplace and assist in the acquittal of duty of care obligations should and incident occur.

To enquire about the program with full training being provided by CPS, or to purchase the DVD and training materials with the goal of running the program in house, please contact us.

Principal of Corporate Protection Services, Ray Lambie talks to 60 Minutes in this interview from 2002. <read the transcript>

The program covers the following subjects:

  • Duty of Care
  • The Criminal Perspective
  • Passive Compliance
  • Post incident Response
  • Crime Scene
  • The Expert Witness
  • Potential Traumatic Reaction
  • Use of Weapons
  • Target Hardening

'The Witness Program' has been designed by Corporate Protection Services to address the needs of a growing list of businesses exposed to the risks of armed robbery. It has been carefully tailored using both police expertise and the experience of many hundreds of face to face hours with potential victims of crime in workshop situations.

About the Author - Ray Lambie

A law enforcement professional in Australia for over 22 years, Ray Lambie is an internationally recognised expert in protective security, major crime, tactical operations, robbery investigation and methodology.

His personal experiences and knowledge in dealing with the victims and perpetrators of robbery have led to his consultation by many government, security, financial, retail, hospitality and service organisations in Australia and internationally.

He is widely considered to be the country's leading expert in armed robbery related counter measures and training and is recognised as an 'Expert Witness' in judicial process.

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