Discreet Business and Executive Protection

  • Personal and Family Protection
  • Witness Management
  • Event Security Management
  • Security Program Development
  • Asset Protection
  • National Security Issues

The security of wealthy or influential people and their families, celebrities, corporate identities or persons who have for some other reason, found themselves 'at risk' is a specialised role. Our protective agents have been recruited from law enforcement or military ranks specialising in personal protection services.

Our protective teams are capable of short or long term assignments, wherever required throughout Australia and the world, providing efficient, effective and discreet protection. Our protective details believe in advance planning and threat assessment to minimise both risk and potential disruption. Let us provide you with complete logistic support including transportation, accommodation and scheduling assistance.

Corporate Protection Services are also available to perform security assessment for individuals, their residences, their offices, their vacation properties and if required education of the individual and their personal staff to deal with security needs themselves.

We also can assist in pre-planning and the writing of crisis management policies and procedures in response to escalating threats to an individual or corporation.

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