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Change Management

Introducing change in the workplace and new ways of conducting business and enhancing performance in any organisation can not only be challenging, it can also create considerable consternation and resistance among its employees. Sustainable success in organisational change comes not only through a credible underpinning philosophy.

It also involves empirical evidence of ‘what works’ and authentic engagement at all levels in the development and establishment of procedurally fair workplace practices; which employees take ownership of and are accountable for.

Providing ownership of these issues builds trust, confidence and importantly self-worth, which in turn enhances morale and increases performance, productivity and profitability.

Leadership Development

There are copious volumes of literature on the subject of leadership in Universities and repositories throughout the world. It is one of the most widely read and talked about subjects in the corporate arena. Are leaders born or are they created?

Genuine and pragmatic leaders, those who can simultaneously provide both pressure and support, and who are able to create successful experiences for their people, are indeed rare but with the right tutelage they can be developed.

Our team are not only extremely skilled at growing and developing high calibre leaders - through their vast world-wide research and experience, they are accomplished at identifying those individuals with the intrinsic qualities and capabilities to develop as successful, high performance, ethical leaders.

Tension and Conflict Management

Disagreements and conflict among staff can produce significant workplace dysfunction and poor productivity among teams, particularly if left mismanaged and unresolved. The key to effective corporate and community conflict resolution is early intervention using healthy, scientifically-based problem-solving techniques.

Our Behavioural Practitioners are nationally accredited in the facilitation of workplace conferences to deal with difficulties and issues of conflict within the workforce and in the community.

They are also internationally accredited trainers in 'Restorative Practices' - and can provide comprehensive training programs to corporate and community leadership teams in effectively managing and dealing with both small scale and more difficult issues.

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